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Leave me alone

I was a bit torn about posting about this game here. On one hand it's pretty hard and flawed (read below), but on the other hand it's a good idea and executed in 48 hours. So here goes!

A quite minimalistic game really - you have a dot on the screen, which you have to maneuver into making the other static dots that shoot non-stop kill themselves. That's it really. It's quite fun and requires some strategy (well, you have a very limited time to think, but it is essential :)). The 2 flaws I see with it as is are: a) after a few levels it becomes quite difficult, b) on my laptop I can't get past by the 5th or 6th level, while when I tried it on a desktop machine, I passed it quite easily (something to do with the deflected bullets).

Anyway, a nice concept!

P.S. It turns out that the difference between the desktop/laptop is that I played the offline version on the desktop, which allowed the bullets to travel a bigger distance on screen, so that level was possible!


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