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My first quantum translocator

Yet another platform with yet another twist. Why do I keep falling for these all the time? :)

TBH I was sold from the first 2 seconds I moved the main sprite around (the title screen is actually a game screen, no menu. In order to continue a saved game you'll have to know how to get to the upper platform, which is a part of the game mechanics. I love these menus where the menu itself is a part of the game). The cute sprite is animated very nice and moves around the screen smoothly - yay :).

Anyway, it's a platformer without weapons, so you only have to run and jump around. The twist in this game is that you can leave a "shadow" of yourself at any place of the level you can visit, and you can teleport to it at any given time. Sounds crap? Well, moving platforms, blocks and some other stuff makes the level's puzzles very enjoyable. In general they are very well designed and you get to learn to abuse your ability in order to pass the progressively harder levels (the difficulty step is set just right in my opinion).

So go ahead, give it 2 minutes of your time. It can't hurt that much, can it? :)


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