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Swift stitch

I bet you're scratching your heads right now, trying to figure out from what 8-bit machine the above screenshot escaped from. But no, it's a new game! (ok, I know that the title also includes platforms and you've probably seen them, but it seemed like a nice introduction ;))

So, what we have here is a simple idea with simple graphics and sound, but a really addictive game. Imagine Superfly but instead of the character moving up or down, have the character move down or left depending on whether you hold the button or not. Or doing a clockwise or anticlockwise circle. Also imagine hitting some coloured lines that reverse direction. Or open doors. Sounds complicated?

Well, it is for the first couple of seconds. Then it becomes second nature, really! And, I realised that I really don't have to add much more, except that you should try the demo or visit the site to buy it!


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