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The cat that got the milk

To be honest, I could just have you watch the youtube video that is embedded at the end of this post and let you draw your own conclusions. But I suppose I can spare a sentence or two!

This game is built around a really simple idea: the cat moves to the right constantly except when the user tells it to go up or down. It doesn't slow down either, so you need to be quick with your reflexes or you might either crash or get trapped (and the crash again). The game plays really fine.

But the team that wrote it took the extra mile and polished it and made it really special. Some times you think you're painting a modern painting, or walk though it. As far as I remember there's no repetition in palettes (although it's only 18 levels) and to spice up things, different little patches of graphics are pasted on each level. The music accompanying the visuals is really pleasant and really adds to the atmosphere.

Lots of love has been poured on this project and it shows! Download it for Windows, Macintosh or simply play it online. And now, the video!


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