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The button affair

Take a dose of Another world (rotoscoping, cutscenes, animation when you get fried), Prince of Persia (rotoscoping, steel traps), Canabalt (non-stop running, at least in most parts) and add scripted levels and checkpoints, Flashback (rotoscoping, cutscenes) and finally add James Bond-'60s-like aesthetics and plot. And, you get this:

It's more than the sum of its parts though, the game isn't Canabalt-hard, it's hard but not impossible and of course you have a clear goal. Visuals and audio are top notch (although I'd liked some more frames in the cutscenes, but it's not a game coming from a multi-million-dollar studio so it's quite fine). Aw, go on, give it a try already, it's good I tell you! It's from the same creative team that made The cat that got the milk if that tells you anything :).


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