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Automation #143 (Read 1324 times)
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Automation #143
16.06.13 at 16:43:17
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Steel by Hewson, Crack by Vapour

Dark Century by Titus, Crack by Vapour

Future Sport by N/A, Crack by Vapour

Grand Prix Master by Dinamic, Crack by Vapour

Megaform 2.1 by N/A
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Re: Automation #143
Reply #1 - 06.01.14 at 10:30:06
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Steel is an action game. The player controls a robot on a sort of mission. The game is divided in to flip screens with doors, drawing a map is probably necessary. Other robots harras the player and the game is quickly over.

Graphics are pretty nice but the game is too hard and for my taste too confusing. Maybe a manual would help but I doubt that would improve the controlability of the player's robot.

Nothing too fancy, maybe 4 out of 10, but just for the graphics...

steel.png ( 15 KB | Downloads )

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