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Black Box

Eyezmaze has been making fun online games for years now, and their latest offering, Black Box seemed like a good opportunity to write a small text about them. If you've played the early Amanita Design's games in the past (Windosill,  Samorost 1/2) you'll know what to expect: Games that display a static screen where you get to click stuff on screen and see cool stuff happen! (actually even the later games by Amanita Design are pretty much like this: Machinarium, Botanicula).

I really can't give a better description for this game, it's really up to the individual to decide if this game is good or bad (or if they classify it as a game at all). I can only say that the animations are really imaginative and fun coupled with really nice sound effects. Also, to play the full game the author(s) would like a tiny donation (even $1 will do it for him), which I personally think he/they deserve it just because of the back library which has always been released for free (for example Grow cube, Grow RPG, Grow etc.).

I'd suggest playing the earlier games (which are more challenging than Black box since you can get stuck and will have to start over and rethink your strategy. In comparison, Black box seemed totally linear) and then moving on to Black box; if you're convinced by then that it's a good game, be a good boy (or girl) and leave a donation to see the rest of the game :).


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